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Taking time out for yourself

Updated: Aug 6

Earlier this year I went to see an acupuncturist and when he was doing my consultation he asked me a series of questions but the 2 that stood out for me were what did I do to relax? And how early did I go to bed?

It really made me think like what do I do for myself to switch off, now I love going to spas and all that good stuff and I do meditate. Aside from those 2 things what else did I do to enable my mind and body to switch off and wind down? Just by how long it took me to answer I thought you know what I don’t do enough.

I don’t take enough time from my day to dedicate to myself fully, deeply, uninterrupted and most of all unapologetically. I can say it is not easy and there is always someone who needs my time but it’s just that it’s my time and unless I put these things in place consciously then the issue will be as it always is.

The other thing he asked as mentioned was what time I go to bed I answered around 10 pm - 10.30 pm and I wake up at 5.20 am. No guesses what he said that wasn’t enough sleep I need to be in bed by 9.30 pm I laughed yeah right. He said the body has excellent self-healing abilities if we just give it the time it needs to do what it needs to do we would be surprised by the results.

I had no choice really if I was serious about my own healing and started to go to bed early it was a struggle but I made it happen some nights were better than others. I started to meditate before I go to sleep instead of in the morning and that would be me out like a light.

The results were amazing as I was waking up before my alarm so full of energy, joyful, at peace with myself, stress levels low throughout the day, and just feeling like a better version of me. I mean if that's the price I pay for an early night I’ll take it.

I wanted to ask you the same two questions what do you do to relax? and are you going to bed early enough? and see what comes up for you.

The truth is it’s you and only you that lives in your body, no one can live in it for you.

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