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Escape the winter blues

Even though the last couple of days have been bright, we can’t escape the fact that we are in Autumn and after Autumn we head straight into Winter.

During these colder seasons, it can be difficult for us to have the motivation needed to be active whether that’s going to the gym or doing your own thing. As a result, we can fall off our path to better health and wellbeing so it is important we aim to be our own motivation.

You have probably heard this all before but sometimes we need to hear these messages repeatedly until we take action. If this time of year is a struggle for you try doing some of the following to keep you active and feeling good/energised during the cold season.

  • Get your vitamin D levels checked and if needed supplement to support immune health

  • Add more vitamin C rich foods into your diet

  • Rest well so you have more energy

  • Exercise at home, you can find exercise channels on Youtube

  • Commit to a morning exercise routine so you get it out the way before your day gets too busy

  • Join a local running or walking group

  • Exercise with a friend or family member

  • Change your activity you may swap walking outside for walking on a treadmill or vice versa

  • Set yourself small goals

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