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21 day be kind to yourself challenge

April 2021 is Stress Awareness month and to acknowledge this I thought it would be good if we set ourselves a 21 day be kind to yourself challenge. Nowadays the amount of stress in peoples day to day lives is at an all-time high, this was even before we went into a global pandemic.

This challenge allows you to be kind to yourself for 21 days, all you need to do is make a commitment to yourself and hold yourself accountable. 💕

What can you do to be kind to yourself?

  1. Go for a walk every morning

  2. Do 10 minutes of yoga every day

  3. Do meditation

  4. Write yourself thank you notes

  5. Tell yourself how much you love yourself every morning, noon and night

  6. Have a phone-free day

  7. Dance every day

  8. Do a weekly home beauty treatment

  9. Remove sugar from your diet for 21 days

  10. Do a mini body detox

  11. Promote a friend’s small business or website via email or social media: If they are a life coach, personal trainer, personal chef, caterer, nanny, wedding planner, or run any type of blog, it means the world to them that you have their back and are telling others about their services.

  12. Treat a friend to a yoga class or invite someone to be your guest at your gym.

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