About me 

Be the best version of you

My name is Michele, and I am a female health expert who works with women between the ages of 30-50 unable to reach their weight loss goals due to hormone imbalance. Helping women to gain their confidence and become the best version of themselves.  

When I was in my early thirties, I use to have Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) which caused a lot of disruption in my life. I remember every time my period was due, I became obsessed about how ill I might get as my health would just change almost overnight.


 I used to feel like I would literally go from being a vibrant, active young woman to becoming someone that was forced to stay in bed due to my symptoms, some of which included severe stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and vomiting. It was so crazy to think that I had to schedule my life around my menstrual cycle.


Based on my determination to understand why this was happening and find some form of a solution, I would make frequent visits to my GP.  At each appointment, my GP would tell me the same thing, which was, my symptoms were based on hormonal changes, and I had some inflammation in my body.


Even though I would always leave my appointments feeling re-assured telling myself this was all part of being a woman, something just didn't feel right.


Around the same time as my consistent GP visits, I remember telling a friend about how ill I would get near and during my period. She told me she experienced the same thing in her 30’s and even though her symptoms were different from mine, she definitely noticed a change. 


This conversation made me feel reassured again about my own circumstances and I was really starting to lean towards the fact that maybe it was something women experienced due to age.

I did however want to understand more about PMS in particular my symptoms and decided to do some research on female hormone health. 


From reading different studies and material designed by female health specialists, I identified that I had imbalanced hormones with most of my symptoms being aligned to having too much oestrogen in my body.


I also found that my food and lifestyle choices were contributing factors to the symptoms I experienced despite my belief that I had a healthy diet. After reading various materials on hormone health, I decided to experiment with some of my food choices and removed cold foods such as salads and yoghurts from my diet as well as reducing my meat consumption.


It didn’t take long for me to notice a change I spent less time in bed with severe stomach cramps and both diarrhoea and vomiting slowed down or stopped. I think it was around 3 months after I made these changes that my periods were literally pain and illness-free.


Not only did my symptoms disappear but there were also other benefits as I lost body fat, had more energy, and just felt more positive about things in and around my life.