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#guthealthseries - Why is gut health important?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

With Christmas only weeks away and the hospitality industry opening up again. We may find ourselves eating more of our guilty pleasures such as desserts, fried foods, salted nuts, chocolates, cheese, alcohol, bread, and or pastries. Without taking away your joy, overconsumption of these foods especially before a holiday season where excessive eating is accepted as the norm can have an impact on your gut health.

Why is gut health important?

Our gut is responsible for how we break down and absorb our food, providing the body with the right nutrients to fuel and function at its best. It is also responsible for the quality of our sleep, our mental health, our skin, and our immune system.

When we experience frequent bloating, breakouts, moodiness, and or sugar cravings these are usually signs that our diet is feeding the bad bacteria in the gut. When we actually want to be feeding the good bacteria.

So instead of overindulging before the Christmas period try to eat and or drink more gut-friendly foods/beverages such as green tea, green juice, grapefruit, and bitter greens. This will support and encourage better gut health by providing the body with antioxidants as well as cleanse the liver.

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