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Happy 30th Birthday

Updated: Aug 6

After an epic 30th birthday, feeling like a video vixen as I celebrated my birthday in Vegas. Miss independent at her finest, feeling sexy and all that good stuff. No one told me that my body most importantly my menstrual cycle would change. If you read my story: you’ll see that my journey during my 30s influenced my journey to becoming a nutritionist.

Everything can seem so scary when your body starts to send messages. I’ve met so many young ladies in their 30s who say it takes them longer to fall pregnant despite maybe already having a child, have been diagnosed with PCOS, fibroids, and or have the most painful periods.

It just sucks when the body is having a conversation with you that it never had before. The thing is the body reacts to the environment it is in and I know for me it was the build-up of emotional stress, poor eating habits, lack of rest, and probably too much alcohol that impacted a number of uncomfortable changes I experienced.

I don't think it fair that no one potentially warns you that things may change as you go into the next stage of womanhood and it is not all fun.

Here are a few suggestions for you, if you need them.

  • I would suggest looking at what you eat first and foremost. If you have a diet high in refined carbs slowly remove them as it is nothing but sugar, bad fats, chemicals and salts.

  • Introduce good fats into your diet such as an assortment of seeds and oily fish.

  • Drink lots of water

  • Get some sleep

  • Seek guidance and support from a nutritionist and or health professional.

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