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What is your period really telling you about your health?

The flow, the colour of your flow and the length of your flow can give you tell tell signs about your lifestyle. It might sound weird, but it is true, I know some women are not comfortable talking about their cycles. But we do need to pay more attention to our flow, colour, and length.

I know when I am in my plant-based eating phase, drinking my water, living in peace my cycle is trouble-free, light and short. When I have a month of consistently eating lots of meat, not a lot of veg and refined sugars such as my odd chocolate and dessert binge my flow is heavy and it is definitely uncomfortable.

I noticed for myself first-hand changing how I ate has allowed me to see the difference in my cycles especially when being more plant based {notice I didn’t say vegan}, this is probably because their no inflammation in the body, my blood is more oxygenated and I’m well hydrated.

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