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I know women don’t like to speak about these things, but I just wanted to share a bit of information with you reference sanitary products.

You may or may not pay much attention to the ingredients in your sanitary wear, however, a lot of them are made from man-made synthetics such as superabsorbent polymers, Polyester, Rayon, and those that have a fragrance that contains chemicals like chloroform.

Why is this a problem, you ask?

Well, our skin is an organ that can absorb and transport chemicals into the body this includes anything near your intimate area.

Not a lot of companies that make sanitary products disclose the ingredients used so even if the product refers to being cotton if it doesn’t disclose being 100% cotton then it may be best to say they are made of a handful of cotton fibres.

If you are looking for brands that 100% cotton try the following

  • Rael Organic Menstrual Pads

  • Cora Ultra thin Organic Period Pads

  • Lola Pads

  • Yoni

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