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Shall I stop eating carbohydrates when I am on a fat loss plan?

This is a question family and friends ask me all the time.

While a lot of us may have achieved some form of weight loss through the removal of carbohydrates {carbs} from our diet, the truth is we are in fact losing water and not fat.

Fat loss comes after the loss of water but many of us don’t commit to our plan long enough to reap the true fat loss benefits.

As we know carbohydrates are the body's main energy source, we also know that carbs are not equal in their nutritional value some help to nourish the body while others don’t as they are stripped of their natural goodness with lots of sugar, unhealthy fat and salt, etc added making them a processed food.

So we could say the simple answer to the question is yes processed carbs should not be eaten when on a fat loss plan {I would go one step further and say we shouldn't be eating much processed foods anyway}.

Ok, but there is something else…….

How much energy are you using vs the amount of energy you are eating?

When we eat more energy {calories} than the body uses the remaining energy is deposited into our fat cells filling them up making them bigger which is how we gain weight.

This is not because you are eating carbs this is because you are generally overeating your calories and yes if you eat a lot of processed foods, you will more than likely be overeating your calories as these foods have a higher calorie ratio.

So my answer to you is NO you do not need to remove all carbs when on a fat loss plan, just say bye to the bad ones and watch how much you eat.

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