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Are you thinking about the end results?

So many women want to make changes to their diet and/or lifestyle to support their well-being. Yet they find it hard to make or commit to these changes, and I wonder to myself why this is?

Is it because most of the time we eat based on how we feel, and or eat for comfort, and when you eat for comfort, you eat foods that will give you a sugar rush, excitement, and the feel-good factor. Basically, foods that release hormones that give you a short-term feeling of reward.

When it comes to making changes to our health and wellbeing most of us don't think of the results that we want we just focus on what we can't have which takes away the motivation.

I know it's hard, this is why I do health coaching with some of my clients who need that boost to get from where they are now to the ideal version of themselves because it is a journey and it can be tough at times but the reward is so sweet.

If I am talking to you or someone you know and you are struggling to embrace such change don't give up on yourself. Continue to educate yourself by reading my blogs or those written by other female health experts, join Facebook groups you can check mine out by clicking on this link https://www.facebook.com/healthandwellbeingsupport , 0r read articles on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle understanding that it's the small positive changes that can make a massive impact to our health.


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