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Is it really a healthy snack?

I notice that after lunch no more than 10 mins I will make something a cuppa and allow myself some form of snack either nuts or a square of dark chocolate. I soon realised that all these nuts and squares of dark chocolate are just clocking up my calorie intake and not necessarily keeping me fuller for longer.

So, I am now cutting down the snacks and eating a bigger meal at lunchtime as this seems to be the main problem time, even though I think I have adopted this habit from last year. I also believe working from home has contributed as well, it can potentially be a form of comfort eating, that little moment of pleasure as it can get a bit dull at times.

To help me stop the habit I have decided the following:

  • At lunchtime, I will ensure that half my plate is full of veggies as they are full of fibre

  • Protein will also play a big part in my lunchtime meal, as protein takes longer to digest and fills us up quickly

  • Starchy carbs consist mainly of Spelt Pasta, Quinoa and Wild Rice

  • No snacks are to be consumed until 30mins-hour after I’ve eaten my lunch as by then my food would have digested I probably won’t any form of snack


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