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My journey as a Health Coach

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Being a Health coach wasn’t something that I imagined for myself. I would say it was something that found me through the researching of foods to manage or cure minor health aliments I experienced.

Through my research I enjoyed learning about how food contributes to our optimal health and wanted to share my knowledge with others. But I soon realised this wasn’t easy.

People can be very uncomfortable with change, even if it is as small as telling someone to swap their chocolate bar for an apple. So I maximised opportunities that presented themselves to me to kick start my journey.

I started by supporting a work colleague who was struggling to lose weight despite going to the gym twice a week. It was an adjustment to lifestyle for her, but with commitment and coaching she lost 3 stones in 10 months. I then went on to support a family member in reducing their blood sugar.

My goal here was not just about providing guidance. But using words that were easy to understand and food suggestions that were simple enough for them to commit too. While they struggled in the beginning they decreased their sugar levels within 3 months. For me, both examples wasn't just about motivating or supporting the individuals. It was about how I can reach out and share my knowledge with others. In particular women who want to incorporate a healthier lifestyle or address minor health aliments.

So I went one step further using a network of family and friends. I started to write monthly blogs on various nutritional subjects such as how to have a healthy digestive system or understanding estrogen dominance and sent them on, not knowing if anyone would read them but just knowing I found another way to share my knowledge and educate others was good enough for me.

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This article was published in Focus on Health & Wellbeing Magazine

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