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Does clean eating, really make you feel better?

When you think about clean eating do you automatically think of weight loss or do you think about being full of energy and being in a good mood for no reason?

The reason why I ask is that the other day when walking in the park I bumped into a guy that trains at the same gym as me. We were talking about the lockdown and the lockdown weight majority of people put on. What I found interesting about this discussion was the fact that he was sharing how sluggish, bloated and lazy he felt as a result of overindulging in crisps, ice cream, chocolate, and takeaways, etc. He didn’t however once show any concern about the weight that crept on.

For him, it was all about how he felt, his weight was a secondary factor. I thought how refreshing is this instead of being focused on how much extra weight he carrying he was more concerned about how he was feeling.

This for me is what the foundation of what a healthy diet or eating clean is all about, eating foods that provide us with vibrant energy feeding the body with cell-rejuvenating foods allowing it to perform at its best. Giving the body life from an array of vitamins and minerals.


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