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Playing Big

That right 251 pages of coaching for women helping us to understand how to play big and unhook ourselves from the doubts that we put in our minds. I bought this book following the recommended books that were provided when I did my nutrition course. I didn’t purchase it straight away but it wasn’t long until it was needed because my inner critic kept coming out diminishing my ideas, slowing down my creativity and delivery of projects that I get so excited about but fail to follow through because I convince myself that something not right about what I am doing.

This book isn’t just helping me with the building of my business, it has given me guidance that I am using in my day to day life. The Chapters that have definitely caught my attention are Chapter 1 Inner Critic, Chapter 7 Leaping, and Chapter 8 Communicating with power. I could relate to each one as it felt like I was having a conversation in the mirror all I kept saying was yep that me and yep I do that and yep I need to stop doing that.

I would definitely recommend this book to any woman who wants to make a change in their life and is not feeling confident about how to make that move or if you have made the move but feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward.

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