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Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Benefits: Rich in Protein, anti-inflammatory, low calorie and fibre rich


½ cup of green lentil

½ red onion

1 cup closed cup mushrooms

1 courgette (diced in cubes)

2 thyme sprigs

3-4 garlic cloves

350g Tomato and Basil source

Salt& Pepper


  1. Cook lentil as per packet instructions

  2. In a separate saucepan shallow fry garlic, onion, thyme for 2 mins

  3. Add mushrooms and cook for 5 mins

  4. Add sauce, courgette, salt, and pepper cook on a low fire for 10 -15 mins

  5. Once lentils are cooked add to tomato mixture and cook for a further 5 mins

  6. Serve with spelt pasta



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