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Is now the best time to do a body spring clean?

Do you find that your cravings during the spring summertime are different from those during the Autumn and or wintertime? If you answered yes, you and the majority crave foods based on the season your in.

Usually, when it’s cold we go for high carb foods, and then as it gets warmer we tend to eat foods that are slightly lighter and more refreshing.

Research suggests that basing your diets on a spring, summer, fall, and winter rotation eating foods harvested during each season, can help to keep your body in balance. But as we come out of what feels like the longest 15-16 months ever!! Most of us have been eating for comfort which means we are still probably overindulging in high carb foods weighing the body down more than usual.

I have a solution for you, I do indeed….

Do a little spring clean on yourself, commit to a couple of dates, and indulge in some veggie juices, fresh fruit (mainly berries), and salads or veggie soups, and drink lots of water. Nothing else no snacks, chocolates, sweets, alcohol,

etc just nice clean eating.

We need to keep our insides fresh and toxin-free and this little spring clean can just give you the little reboot and cleanse that the body needs to keep you going.

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