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Think like a monk - The art of routine

I have just started to read a new book called Think like a monk by Jay Shetty and while there are chapters that resonated with me. The chapter that talks about routine and how beneficial it is for us really caught my attention.

Especially because so many of us find routine mundane and boring. He advises that when we conduct our day-to-day routines, we should look for something new in our day as there is always something to learn, and it is the little things that bring joy, yet we are always searching for the next big thing. Could it be that having a routine is not necessarily boring we just don’t treat a new day as a new day we treat it like yesterday, therefore, we are not appreciating anything new in the day?

He also advises that setting a routine is potentially how we achieve the tasks and goals we set for ourselves as we find the time to free our minds and without routine, we are completing our tasks aimlessly.

For me, this chapter was just perfect helping me to add a few more routines into my daily schedule to help me achieve the tasks and goals I have set for myself

Will adding a routine into the schedule help you?

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