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Is that really the reason?

This is probably my last blog of the year, maybe, actually, I am not sure yet.

However, if it is I want to talk to you about understanding the root cause of symptoms we experience because this is the best way to address underlying issues whether physical or mental.

In traditional Chinese medicine practices, a headache has very little to do with the brain they associate the headache with some form of misalignment in the body such as the liver, poor blood circulation, or too much dampness and phlegm being present in the body.

So, to treat the headache traditional Chinese medicine practices will focus on the main issue for e.g. regulating a person's blood circulation. Whereas the majority of us would focus on the pain that comes with the headache not understanding the route cause.

The same rule applies to our hormones, when they misfire they create unwanted symptoms such as extreme fatigue, bloatedness, constipation, acne, etc. We tend to treat the symptom instead of trying to fully understand the root cause.

I know that establishing the root causes of a symptom is not easy and can be difficult to understand, but is definitely a worthwhile process. So next time you experience a symptom such as consistent bloating make more of an effort to understand the root cause to address the issue.

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