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The best way to start your health journey

Being healthy isn't always that easy, it can take a lot of motivation and commitment and for some, it feels like a sacrifice.

There are ways you can make your health journey simple. My best advice is the 5:2 ratio, this is nothing to do with calories it is more about your eating style, so you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself. We create such an attachment to food that the moment you are told to give up the bacon sandwiches or cut down on those little chocolate desserts like the brain goes into a spasm and the thought of it seems so extreme.

How does the 5:2 ratio work?

Monday-Friday you will be eating a diet that is full of whole foods {fresh leafy green vegetables, an assortment of berries, raw nuts, root vegetables, wild-caught fish, and non-white carbohydrates}.

This then means that on Saturday and Sunday you can allow yourself a treat so you might decide to eat an oven pizza with a bit of garlic bread and you might even add a slice of cake. You should be able to do this feeling guilt-free and go back to your whole food diet on Monday.

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