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Sabotaging Self

How many times have we set ourselves a goal and automatically sabotaged it by allowing all our fears to kick in? We might tell ourselves we are not good enough, it never going to happen, nothing good is going to come out of doing this and just a lot of anxieties and fears that we need validation for.

We are usually so good at making these fears come true because we act them out without realising what we are doing. For some, it can be a control method we use and then rescue the situation.

Why do we do this?

Self-sabotage is usually linked to a lack of self-esteem, this can be for a number of reasons.

Common signs we might have when we self-sabotage includes stress eating, self-criticism, disorganisation, procrastination and initiating conflict.

How can we stop?

Be your own best friend one thing we are not good at is being our own best friend and showing ourselves kindness and love, we usually leave that for others to do and that is how we can end up with our self-sabotage behaviours. Identify your self-sabotage behaviour so you are able to stop these behaviours even before they begin.


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