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Sugar Monster

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Sugar is a natural ingredient that forms part of our diet. It’s a carbohydrate, which means it a energy provider for the body. The most common form of sugar in the body is known as glucose, which our brain, major organs and muscles need to function correctly. Even though glucose is the body’s main energy source, the body unable to distinguish between different types of sugar and breaks them all down in the same way.

Sugar addiction why do we get hooked

Sugar consumption creates a short term high and spark of energy in the body. This is because, when we consume sugar it sends a message to our brain that releases dopamine (the feel good hormone). We therefore feel good for a hour or maybe longer and due to liking this feeling we go back for more.

Some may say this is a bit like an addiction because once someone mentally connects with sugar as a energy provider they depend on it. There is a alarming number of individuals that depend upon sugar to manage emotional and psychological issues. However processed and manufactured sugars have low nutritional value and do not provide our body with anything meaningful to our growth or overall good health.

Breaking the habit

Different people need different things but first thing first is the removal of processed and manufactured sugar products from the home. Replacing them with natural sugars such as fruit.

Aim to plan your meals so you know what you are eating to avoid over indulging on sugary treats and set yourself a challenge to go cold turkey. It can take up to 72 hours for our bodies to no longer crave a sugar fix, but the benefits to our health are so worth it.

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