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Be your own motivation

Some of us can find it easier than others to remain productive and or motivated in the autumn months. With nights feeling longer and temperatures getting cooler we can tend to feel a bit blah.

So what can we do to enhance our motivation?

Well, we already know the importance of diet when it comes to health, however changing our lifestyle can be as equally important.

Exercise, the word much fear, however, the word exercise describes any form of activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. This can be something as simple as a gentle or brisk walk.

And in actual fact, walking is known to activate soothing neurons on the brain helping you cope better with subsequent stressors. It can also boost your energy making you feel more alert and potentially motivated.

I was talking to myself

I know this may seem strange but in actual fact it something we do a lot of and over the years, research has shown that self-talk can boost productivity, motivation, and confidence, and even help regulate emotions. Motivational self-talk is used when we want to psych ourselves up for something challenging; it can help to boost the effort and or increase confidence.

To make self-talk effective, it recommended developing and applying effective self-talk routines that you practice and use consistently. This can be something as simple as using the words 'I am' or 'I can' followed by a positive quote or task.

I know it may feel like a vicious cycle because you need to feel motivated to go out for a walk or even have a positive conversation with yourself. But just imagine how good you would feel if you were able to remain productive and motivated during these long nights.

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