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The million calorie question

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Do you really know how much food you eat in a day? And are you mindful of your food choices?

Some of you have probably said yes but actually mean no, some of you have said yes and mean yes and others have been honest and just said no. When we consume food we believe that we know exactly how much we have eaten in that day but do we honestly, because all those bites do add up.

If you were to track your food intake, you'd be more mindful of your food choices, be aware of the macro nutrients at each meal, see where your weaknesses are and most importantly be honest with yourself.

How do I track what I eat?

To track what you eat try a good old fashion food diary it's that simple. This is something I get my clients to do just before I start them on a plan, this allows them to be realistic about their current food choices and motivates them to want to eat better to reach their desired goal. Set yourself the challenge for either a week or 2 weeks. Make sure you capture all meals and snacks you eat per day.

Once you complete the exercise review your food choices and seek to make small but effective changes to current food habits, which will only benefit you in the long term.

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