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Deal or no deal

The more I hear about Brexit and the trade deal with the EU, that may or may not be happening. The more I start to think about the impact this will have on the price and quality of our food.

I know a lot of people already associate healthy eating with being expensive and the potential price we may need to pay for food that can't be supplied from Britain is going to go up. This might mean the average salary household may not be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Most importantly the quality of food is going to be a huge concern. In the UK there are strict controls when it comes to farming methods and standards many of which we adopted from the EU. To keep these in place there is a requirement for the government to implement laws that ensure the food imported complies with these standards. Mainly because farmers in the USA are known to produce chlorinated chicken and eggs as well as hormone-injected beef.

There are also a number of other chemicals they use when harvesting food that is banned in the UK and EU.

You can't help but think that eating foods imported from the USA could mean we become more Americanised with an increase in the UK's obesity and diabetes problems.

This is probably something that some are not thinking about but the potential impact on our health is rather concerning.

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