The Delilma Nutrition Approach

About me

Helping women to regain their confidence and be the best version of themselves.  

In my early thirties, I became a victim of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Every month I would go from being a vibrant, active young woman to becoming someone that I didn’t recognise. I was full of anxiety and a week before my menstrual cycle my health would just change overnight. I would experience extreme severe stomach cramps, fever, diarrhea, and even vomiting. It was just crazy, I literally had to schedule my life around my menstrual cycle. 


This was so hard for me because as far as I was concerned I was healthy. I went to the gym roughly 4 times per week, took supplements and I ate lots of vegetables. I just didn’t get it, I often asked myself why was my body doing this to me. I think I visited my GP monthly to try and get answers and all I kept hearing was it was my hormones changing and I had potential inflammation in the body.

Every single time I walked out of the surgery having been told this is all normal, even though deep down I knew it was not, frustrated me. I remember catching up with a friend I told her about how ill I would get near and during my cycle and she was like yep the same thing happened to me as soon I turned 30.


That was it for me, that was the moment that made me decide to take control of my health and forget the GP saying my symptoms were normal. I started to research hormone health and the potential cause of my symptoms. From reading different studies and material designed by female health specialists it became so clear that my food choices were the main culprit for the symptoms I experienced, despite my belief that I was eating relatively healthy.  This led me to make some dietary and lifestyle changes which supported the disappearance of symptoms over time as my hormones re-balanced themselves.


The other benefits were also amazing because I lost weight, I became so much more energetic and literally just felt full of life. This is when my interest in the use of food as medicine peaked and studied to become a nutritionist